Two Hours of Sunshine is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to enriching the lives of our nation's seniors living in some form of assisted living.  Two Hours of Sunshine is kind of like a booking agency for assisted living and nursing homes.  We match entertainers with the facilities.  Our goal is to eventually have entertainers nationwide and be able to provide entertainment to all facilities that would welcome us.

How it works!!!
A nursing home (or assisted living center) contacts us for an entertainer.  We reach out to the list of entertainers we have and try to schedule entertainment for that facility.  The facility does not have to pay us nor the entertainer.  We will reimburse the entertainer for any expenses incurred in providing the entertainment.   This means that no senior citizen will be skipped over for lack of financial resources.

It cannot work without YOU!   We need donations to allow us to continue to provide these services. 

We have managed to reach residents who haven't responded to anyone in years.   Music is so healing, and we play audience appropriate music with the intent of bringing back wonderful memories.   The music is "currently" from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.

However, without support from the community, our work may have to stop.  Please help us keep this work going!      

Our Founder bringing sunshine!

Our founder - James Fischer - bringing sunshine outdoors.

J&D Cleaning - Rock Springs, WY

Scott Recore - Cheyenne, Wyoming
Lisa Vincent - Riverton, Wyoming