About Us

Our founder, James Fischer, has been providing entertainment on weekends and holidays to elderly in his community for over eight years.  This year, he decided that what he really wanted to do was to provide entertainment to the nation's elderly.  So, he quit his day job, and started Two Hours of Sunshine (2HOS).

Today, 2HOS is a non-profit charitable corporation based in Wyoming.  This corporation has applied for 501c3 status through the IRS, but the application has not been processed yet.   We have a board made up of members from Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and New York.  

This organization books entertainers in facilities such as nursing homes and assisted living centers.  We reimburse entertainers when needed for travel expenses.   We also pay entertainers when necessary.  Some entertainers provide entertainment on a volunteer basis once in a while, while others have chosen to provide entertainment on a full-time basis.   

Our intent is to make sure that our nations seniors are not neglected but instead given two hours of sunshine to brighten their world.