Be part of our online community...

In today's busy electronic world, we try to stay connected with our supporters, entertainers, facilities, and friends.   Please be patient with us, because we also spend a great deal of time out there entertaining those who really need us.  

You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.  We are still learning how to use the last two social media, so I hope you are patient with us.

We would LOVE to provide photos and videos of the residents and their reactions to our entertainment, but due to privacy laws and permission requirements and a LOT of other legal reasons, we are just not able.   We have provided a few images of the inside of the facilities, but we are always careful to ensure no photos are taken of anyone but our own staff.

If you would like to see a show, and there is one in your area, by all means, pop in and check out what we do!